Award qualified institutions and individuals to help support and advance Physical Science.  Fellowship grants may be available in areas including research and education. 

Support Chinese education programs, Chinese community concerts and events, and other related charitable organizations. 

Support local culture and art programs.  These include sponsorship in music festivals, music and art performance, orchestra, chamber music and bands. 

Provide scholarships to students with financial needs who have been accepted or are currently enrolled in an accredited educational program. 
Kai Yue Foundation Corporation is a non-profit private foundation (501 (c) 3 tax exempt) established by the Jim Huang Family. The purpose of the foundation is charity and education, and to provide support to the communities in which we live and work. By investing foundation's resources we can create a lasting inter-connection in our communities and promote culture developments. 
Our Mission
Kai Yue Foundation
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Support Chinese Communities
Support Culture and Art Development
Support Education
Promote Physical Science